About us


We specialise in 3D Architectural Visualisation.

The studio was founded by Jakub Rozanski and Luis Lopez Suarez back in 2014. Shortly after winning the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise in Architecture.

We are Manchester Based creative studio that creates unique and evocative images that communicate and unveil the highest aesthetic values of architecture.

We utilise our background in architecture to gain familiarity with projects and grasp what is appropriate at any design stage to illustrate a building and its environment in the most captivating and effective way. We have the confidence in our ability to lead the artistic direction of our images and offer something different to our clients.


High End Internal & External CGIs  (Marketing  & Planning Applications)

Competition Images 

Verified Views (AVRs/VVMs)

Aerial Photo-Montages

Beautiful and evocative animations


Photo-Realistic Interactive Stereoscopic 3D 360-degree VR Panoramic Walk-Through Tours *(Gear VR, Cardboard and more)


For any enquiries or quotations please get in touch using the options below:
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e-mail | studio@wemapout.com

tel | +44 (0) 7935493476